The web is a rapidly changing environment, our development team mantains a passion for the development world. We’re using the best practices to ensure all of our products run and look top notch.

Our team uses the latest technologies available and have in-dept knowledge of frontend and backend languages, our preffered language is PHP but we also love strictness of C# and Java, all of our projects are built with seo principles in mind a strive for perfection when it comes to speed, design and cross browsing testing.

We’re using mostly open source software such as WordPress and Code Igniter because of the flexibility, extensibility and customizability those systems offer, and of course, depending which fits our clients’ needs.


Here, at CreateIf, we’ve tested and tried many design processes to ensure each website we develop delivers amazing results. These results were achieved by following specific steps, starting from researching the targeted niche the goal that need to be achieved.

The initial design release includes a proposed sitemap structure to ensure that every page is easy to find. We ensure that every page layout and information on the page is presented clearly and the page isn’t overcrowded with content. Lastly we make sure the colors, fonts used make the design aesthetically appealing.

We always produce a concept version. This concept version will be used for feedback. After gathering all the feedback and made the requested revisions if any, we transform the the prototype into a full html website design.


Social media integration is very important, that’s why we always discuss the steps from the beginning of the social media campaign and / or development process, depending on you company sector we recommend using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other third party sites.

We recommend to have information first on your website and then share it across your social media profiles to get incoming traffic, comments, it’s true that the level of interaction depends on your clients entirely, but the important thing is that our team have expert understanding of social media, they will keep your social profiles updated every day to make sure a high level of interaction is achieved.


With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) being the most common type of advertising online, which drives traffic to your website for a small fee? The fee is usually based on a per-click basis. The most important providers being Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising, because companies simply cannot afford the cost of paying a PPC expert to set-up, manage and measure their campaign we are committed to provide the highest level of Pay per Click campaigns management.

Starting from the initial keyword research and campaign set-up, to daily monitoring and management, to measurement and reporting, our PPC specialist is here for you every step of the way to ensure that you PPC campaigns are a success.


Our designers and developers at createIf have a deep understanding of SEO principles and know the tips and tricks to make your website gain more targeted traffic.

The importance of SEO is discussed in the briefing stage; recommendations are applied according to our clients needs. If it’s needed our development team will apply fixes, and fine tune your website.

If the website is developed by us rest assured that is made in way that allows each search engine bots to crawl and index the site based on the information on each page.


To have a website these days is almost mandatory, this way you ensure that your potential clients get a clear insight about your business, your location and not lastly what products you’re actually selling.

With all the competition you need to make sure your website ranks in the first page on the major search engines, to make this happened on important aspect is keep it up to date, we’re referring to the technology it uses, content that has to be fresh.

Publishing updates may be time consuming, or the fact that as a website owner you may only access it a few times a year and that remembering your password, username may be a pain, but that’s why we are here.


Project Research

From the initial stage of our projects, we try to find the key features such as usability, technologies used, platform used clients needs


After finishing the initial project research and finished choosing a web design, the PSD layout will be transformed into a html layout which will be integrated into the content management system used. Each project is setup on a development environment where it will be subject to rigorous testing and client feedback.


After we finished fixing all the pesky bugs, added all the requested features and website has passed our website testing requirements, the final version of the website will be moved to your server and deployed as a live version.